Peering into the Abyss – The Worst of the Internet This Week

Michael Jackson:

The following comment “Michael Jackson is dead?!?!?!?!? Why wasn’t I informed?!!?!?! Lolzlolzlolz!” broke all manner of internet records by becoming the satirical weapon of choice for cretins all over the world this week in the aftermath of MJ’s untimely passing.

If you wrote a comment like that (and you did, didn’t you , you cretinous little shit) then you probably imagined the reader thinking something like this in between fevered gasps of breath between laughter.

“You don’t know he’s dead? But the coverage is everywhere! Practically omnipresent, how could you not… oh, oh I see, you’ve employed irony to extract humour! Genius. You had me for a second there, you anonymous prankster!”

When in actual fact it more than likely elicted this response.

“What a cunt.”

Not a cunt in a “I can’t believe he went there” kind of way. No, just a cunt in the normal garden variety Comment Monkey Dumb-Dumb Squad kinda way.

It probably isn’t your fault. It sounds like it should be a syndrome.


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