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I’ve Got Swine Flu

Me, yesterday. Well, according 90% of people on finding out I have swine flu.

Me, yesterday. Well, according to 90% of people on finding out I have swine flu.

So yeah, I’m one of the people in Ireland with Swine Flu.  From a Mexican pig farmer with boundary issues to me, little ol’ Alan the cartoonist in wet ol’ Ireland all in the space of 6 months, ain’t globalization super?

So, your probably wondering what it’s like, and I’m all about to tell you. It’s like…

…the flu. It sucks, no doubt, but it’s just like every other flu I’ve ever had – slightly worse at times, maybe, but nothing dramatic. As the doctor said yesterday, it’s really only people with the dreaded ‘underlying health issues’ that have to worry, just like they would with the normal flu. So basically, as long as I don’t catch ‘underlying health issues” then I’ll be fine.

As it is though, as far as the media’s concerned, I’m this guy.

Hiss! Hiss!

Hiss! Hiss!

Which is great. I’m a biological weapon! I could, theoretically, rob a bank using only my used tissues, curled into tight little balls, as weapons. I think I will. Except I’m not supposed to leave the house and I don’t really feel like it. Because I’m siiiiiick.



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I Can’t Stop Pooping Out T-Shirts

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I’ve Pooped Out A New Shirt *2

Who doesn't love kittens? You? You monster!

Who doesn't love kittens? You? You monster!

I’ve Pooped Out New T-Shirts

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Fancy a cock on your chest?