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A Day of Annoooooouncements! !!!! !!!!!!!!

Firstly, the Abyss will be winging it’s way around the country for its first run on September the 25th 2009! And about bloody time too, says my wife every day.

But you knew that, right? Surely 12 exclamation marks in the title can’t just be for something we already know, can it? It’s not.

Announcement Number 1.

Looseville is gone. Dead. Retired. Put away in a shiny box for safe keeping until I bring out the Looseville Anthology next year. It’s been sent away for printing today to the far off land of the Orient. More details on that when I have them to send out.

Announcemente Numero Dos!

Full Metal Gentlemen, my collaboration with the hairiest man you’ll ever meet, ever, Niall Duggan continues apace. I’ll have some examples to show you all on here in a few weeks once I’m happy with them. I’ve just started with my Wacom tablet and at the moment I’m as green as baby goat shit on it.


Picture 2

It’s my new weekly webcomic, Whale V Squid! It’s a comic that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time so I’m taking the plunge. After finishing the Abyss I found myself really eager to do a webcomic again, so I went and did around 40 comics and we’ll be having a sexy launch party in September in Cork probably, but don’t rule out Dublin either you sexy smog rockets.

So, for anyone keeping count that’s:

I love the internet.

I hate the internet.

I love it again.

I hate it again and I’m never coming back.

I want to be friends with the internet and we’ll see how it goes.



Looseville: It’s Back and my, hasn’t it put on weight?

Oh, but it’s gone, you say.

Sir, you are wrong.

Go here!

It’s back up and updating twice a week!

EDIT: If it’s a bit screwy today,stick with it because I’m updating a lot of the stuff on the site to make it navigate a bit easier.


Also, mark your calendars, The Abyss will be released on the first of September 2009.

An Audition for Hotpress

The secret ingredient is death

Critics are describing U2's new direction as "terrifying" and "God, why have you forsaken us?"

Swine Flu – We Have A Cure

Pussy Flu is also a problem.

Pussy Flu is also a problem.

Old Comics and an Abyss Update

She had!

She had!

The Abyss is on it’s way, should be back from the printers pretty soon. Then I shall unleash it on you like a pack of wild dogs.


Looseville Archives *1

LV Archive Vol: 1

This comic was going to form part of a ‘Beginnings’ style story that showed the back story of all the characters. I thought this comic would’ve been ideal for Mongrel because, hey, it referenced my usual humour ‘go-to’ guys, poop and lesbians.

Alas it was too big, and my general allotted space was at most the bottom quarter of page 1.

It was coming up to deadline day (and, as per usual, I had nothing)  so I ended up submitting this at around 3 in the morning.


Yeah. Men with boobs! Eat your heart out Calvin and Hobbes!

Ahem… yeah, my legacy was surely secured with that gem.

As it happened I got an email a week or two later from some girl up the country saying that her and her friends were using the term ‘sexy addiction’, like, all the time for, like, everything(!!!!!!!).

If your reading this, Sharon, was it? That email, and the thought of several drunk rural chicks in a small town disco in Tipperary roaring at each other that they had a ‘sexy addiction’ for jager bombs or whatever, threw me into a dark pit of despair for like a fucking week.